Content Personalization Module

Content personalization module allows you to personalize your content easily. You can personalize your content that is shown to visitors based on Location, Device, In-site browsing activity, etc

These are the steps to know our module.(This site is also personalized by our module)

  • 1. Check out our demo

    Get to know what this module can do Let's check our demo site to know what our module can do.

  • 2. Try our module

    Getting started with our module Our module is provided as a module of SS3. You can install this easily. Let's check the introduction of installing our module.

  • 3. Get to know more

    Read the developers documents to know more about our module Do you want to add conditions or snippets? Our module is designed as extensible. You can get how to extend our module, and how our module works.

Tips: Personalization above is done by manual-flag conditions.

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